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The Fans Voice Forum (TFV for short) was one of the first wrestling forums out there on the internet, TFV was around during wrestling's peak and also had a siter site, which was a news site which again was one of the first.

As the internet was only really starting, the news site & forum had a very basic look, the forum had a basic black layout.

The forums as I said was one of the first and paved the way for other forums you see today.

On the last WCW Monday Nitro the news site as well as the forum broke down because so many people where trying to access it to find out what was going on and to also post their views.

It was also during this time that the news site was closed down, the forum however stayed open and remained as popular as ever, however 6 months after the news site closed the forum also closed down.

No one really knows why this happened, however rumours where that the owner got fed up with wrestling after WCW closed, he was know as a big WCW fan, this seemed to be backed up as when the forum was the stand alone site he hardly ever posted, other rumours was that it got to much to run a site, with the internet growing and so much new sites this also seems to be backed up.

Moderators Edit

As well as the owner, TFV has 3 moderators to oversee the site.

DoubleJJeff Nacho Man D.O.D

The owner Edit

The Fans Voice sites was owned by Andrew Crawford, he will always be know as one of the first to own these kind of sites, the forum will always be remembered as a place Andrew created so fans can say what they feel, as well as the forum, TFV had a radio show where forum members had the chance to record their views.

He really broke new ground on the internet and many of the things that people take for granted on wrestling sites now where first done by Andrew

As touched up above after WCW closed the TFV sites closed within 6 months of each other, the rumours where because WCW closed and that there was to many websites on the internet to compete with. Although this has never been confirmed.

Not much is know where he is now or what he is doing but one thing is for sure, if anyone was a member of TFV he will always be remembered and I for one would be very intrested to see what impact he would make now if TFV was re-born again.

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