Teh Vestibule, also known as "Teh Vesti", is a community of Online users composed of members of the IGN Forums. This board, unique in the way that it is a so-called 'spam' board, is completely off-topic. As of present, it has over 50 million reply messages and over millions of topics.

The Board Itself

Given the state of it, Vesti is a very popular and helpful board on IGN. Many users seem to come and go, go to bed late only to wake up early the next morning. This basically means some veteran posters just stop, while other new posters, or 'newbies', find the board and start to post on it. It also means that the board never sleeps, ensuring that at even the most random times, a poster is 100% certain to be on.


The demographics of the board are somewhat uncertain, but it should remain true with the rest of IGN- Posters ranging from 12 years all the way up to 55. But the strongest demographic should be what IGN aims for- 18-32 years of age. The board consists of users from all over the world, from England to America to even China. The board offers a mixed variety of ethniticy, as well. Most of the users are male, however.


The name of "Teh Vestibule" means "The Vegetable" in English. The language of origin is uncertain. However, it is highly believed to be Latin. The reason for the name is clear- something random, secretive, and slightly creative. The name was originally "The Vestibule", but in more recent years the editors of the foum had it changed to "Teh Vestibule. This has created many mixed reactions, from people who want it to change back, to people who like it more, to people who just don't care.

In-Jokes and Ideas

"Teh Vestibule" has been responsible for the forum's many re-occuring jokes. From "The Vesti Midnight Glitch" (an actually accounted glitch, however often very exaggerated in the lines of the users) to "The Vesti Mafia" and even "The Cock Party"(whose icon is a...chicken), this is the place where many of them get their start. Occasionally, a few users decide to come together and become "the Dictator", a ruler with an iron-clad fist, who basically acts as a mod and as an icon to the rest of members of Vesti. The board is also know as "the most infamous board in IGN history", due to it's over-all negativity and place as the forum's spam board.

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