This is the page about my forums, SMDC Forums. More info will come soon.

History Edit

The founder, SMDC5000, was a fan Cleod9's Super Smash Flash online game. He joined McLeodgaming Forums and made a name for himself. He then made his own website called SMDC Games using the web hosting company, Webs (Originally Freewebs). He then used Forums-Free to make the forums. Currently, SMDC is going to switch to Forumotion for a few more opportunities.

Usergroups Edit

  • Administrators
  • Global Moderators
  • Basic Moderators
  • Flash Dev Crew
  • Contest Hosters
  • News Team
  • Spam Section Access
  • Registered Users

Admins Edit

  • SMDC5000
  • Shyguy

Moderators Edit

Global Moderators are represented by Green Text

  • Indiana Kirby
  • Obsessed Gamer

Basic Moderators are represented by Blue Text

  • Conquest Streak
  • Zero Insanity
  • Pieguy 3000

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