Andrew Crawford was a webmaster for one of the first wrestling news sites and wrestling forums on the internet.

It started during wrestling's boom (In the mid 90's) and he created a news and forum site, the news site and forum paved the way for most of the sites you see today. Most of the things you see on sites today where done first by Andrew, Radio shows would be one example and he also give members of the TFV (The Fans Voice) Forum a chance to air their views on what they where watching on their screens. He also give live play by play coverage on the news site chatroom for WWF/E & WCW pay per views, again the first to do so.

On the final WCW Monday Nitro when it was announced WWF/E owner Vince McMahon bought WCW his news site went down because there was so many people wanting to view the site to hear the lastest news on what was happeing.

In 2001 when the WCW invasion started on WWE the news site was shut down and about 6 months later the forum was also shut down.

Not much is know why he did this and there isn't that much info about Andrew but he is highly regarded as one of the very best webmasters on the net and he broke new ground every year as the internet envolved every year.

It would be intresting to see him come back once more to see if he could make a big as impact as he did years ago.

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