A place for the various members of AOL that think they know a lot about music to meet and discuss things. Usually this involves friendly and not so friendly banter.

Accessing MCUK----

MCUK is accessed usually by typing 'quick chat', or more frequently, 'qu', into the bar. This opens up the 'Complete Chat List', where you can select 'Music Chat' in the second menu, entitled 'Topics J-R'.



There is a certain, inpenetrable clique of users that frequent this room. Any attempts to interact with them, be they friends or otherwise, WILL be met with a cold, frosty reaction, followed by a slew of "haha's" from their inevitable array of online friends. It's suprising that people who are still using AOL even though it isn't 1997 anymore can be so mean to others.

The Users Of MCUK

Bleeding Bacardi- Circa 2004

Charly In Me- Circa 2004

xAngelofStarsx - Circa 2005

Flyaway Manner- Circa 2005

FalloutgirlX- Circa 2005

Scott Fae K- Circa 2004

Comets TaiI- Circa 2004

Minus El Oso- Circa 2005

Morning Belle- Circa 2004

Sail To The Moon- Circa 2004

SpillSaosin- Circa 2005

DavidHunt1986- Circa 2004

Plastic Stigmata- Circa 2004

Mike With Style- Circa 2005

Des0lateDreams- Circa 2005

Cataclysmic Rose- Circa 2005

Lervolt2- Circa 2004

Layzrocker- Circa 2004

Daft Rum Captain- Circa 2004

Trend Me Up- Circa 2005

Jesusisahippy1- Circa 2006

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